An 'I do' re-do at the beach

I wanted to create a little gallery of an 'I do' re-do session on the beach to show what beautiful images we could create during the winter months.

Isha and Paul are the most amazing, energetic and adventurous couple, I was doing excited squeals throughout the whole session seeing the magic unfolding in-front of me. 

Autumn/Winter is perfect because it is usually cloudy and cloud is absolutely ideal for daytime photos. It means we wouldn't have to be pressured to arrive there at sunrise or sunset, it also means the beach is quiet; we basically had it to ourselves (although we did arrive at 8.30am). 

Yes, it was cold, but we kept moving which actually creates much more beautiful images. I adore the movement throughout this series... and their love... it is so palpable.

I also love that we went for a 'deconstructed' bride and groom look. Isha's hair was loose and wild, We left Paul's bow tie un-tied. They were both bare foot and I feel it has added such a free and comfortable look to the images. 

At the end of the session, they popped on some jumpers for a final few shots. It just felt like a cosy end to the series. 

Please contact me if this has inspired you to do something similar. It is the perfect celebration for your wedding anniversary. Some Bride and Grooms also add this package on the day after their wedding day, before they get their dress and suit cleaned. If you were really brave, we could even run into the sea at the end... brrrrr. 

A final shout out to Paul, his suit was Balmain and he was totally happy to lay in the sand in it!!! Paul's bow tie was by Me, My Suit and Tie. Isha's polka dot veil was by Sash and Veil.